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The Electric City Clowns

International Clown Arts Membership Organizations

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Clowns of America International is COAI.  The International Shrine Clown Association is ISCA.  The World Clown Association is WCA. Red Nose Response is RNR. Each organization has its own unique focus within the art of clowning and has members around the world. As the Electric City Clowns, we are affiliated with COAI.  Each alley member is expected to be a member in good standing of COAI. Many of our alley members are also members of RNR, ISCA and/or WCA. It is through your membership in COAI, ISCA and/or WCA that you can compete at their conventions and learn from some of the world's greatest clown arts performers and teachers. In addition, your membership in COAI gives you a subscription to "The New Calliope", an outstanding publication for clowns, as well as a whole menu of member benefits. Each international clowning organization offers many opportunities for its members to participate, expand their personal horizons and be recognized for their achievements within the art of clowning. RNR is a unique charitable based clown organization that responds to disasters in North America to provide comic relief.

You can learn more about COAI by visiting their web

You can learn more about ISCA by visiting their web

You can learn more about WCA by visiting their web

You can learn more about RNR by visiting thier web

Links to these organizational web sites are offered further down this page.

Each organization's web site offers general information, history, educational opportunities and membership options, as well as, links to contact their membership managers for more information.

Clowns Of America International

International Shrine Clown Association

The World Clown Association