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The Electric City Clowns

Our Clown Of The Year

The Code

The Clown Of The Year Award is presented to the alley member the general membership and the awards committee feels truly exemplifies, in both attitude and behavior, the spirit and ideals of the art of clowning, and is an inspirational leader within the alley as well as in the clown arts community at large. 

The honor and title "Clown of the Year" has been bestowed upon the following members:

2011     Tom "Mac N Tosh" Person

2010     Marie "Mischief" Beck

2009     Linda "Zippy" Seaman

2008     Theresa "Here/IdaNo" Stevens

2007     Richard "Smoothee" Reynolds

2006     Patty "Patty Cake" Knee

2005     Linda "PeaNut" Diehl &

                                    Lucy "Bootsie" Spoth

2004     Anne “Mulligan” McLaughlin

2003     Marcia "Pepper-Mint" Carron

2002     Pamela "Cupcake" Van Alstine

2001     Cathy "TOTS" Mackey

2000     Miriam “Senorita Soto” Kleinberger

1999     Pat “Tickles” Dwyer

1998     Sharon “Ladybug” Dunlap

1997     Paul "Fuddi-Duddy" Kleinberger

1996     Barbara "Sparky" Bird

1995     Bob "Yippie" Blizzard