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The Electric City Clowns

About Us

The Code



The Mission of the Electric City Clowns is to organize those members desiring to pursue their interest in the performing art of clowning and the supporting arts, to provide for the continuing education of our alley members, as well as, to be of humorous service to our local communities, while promoting the best of the clown arts, its traditions and ideals.


When we gather as the Electric City Clown Alley (ECCA), it is our purpose to support our members in a learning and sharing environment, to seek opportunities to serve our communities in a humorous way by clowning from the heart and foster a spirit of good fellowship among our members and within the local clown arts community. Anyone with a sincere interest in clowning who is over the age of 8 years old is welcome to become a member. Our members are required to comply with the Clown Code of Ethics and also be a member in good standing of Clowns of America International.


In the early months of 1994, a handful of people who felt that continuing opportunities to share and learn were important, started to meet for pizza and balloon twisting at the home of Bill "Snappy" Hart. Bill was our teacher and our mentor. He stressed the need for continuing clown arts education and public performance opportunities to hone our skills, develop our characters and to come to an understanding of the traditions of the performing art of clowning.  This pizza eating, balloon twisting group of aspiring clown artists soon established the Electric City Clown Alley.  We have been making smiles as a group of clowns ever since.  The alley is affiliated with Clowns Of America International (COAI) and proudly holds charter #285.

The membership has grown steadily as new clowns come out of school and other area entertainers learn about the joy of clowning. The "Red Nose News" is our award winning monthly newsletter. To get on the mailing list all you need to do is sign up as a member.  Dues are only $15.00 per year. The newsletter is packed with information about what is going on within the Alley, a calendar of upcoming events and performance opportunities, some helpful hints and, on occasion, a few jokes of questionable quality.

We conduct our Alley meetings once a month, usually the fourth Wednesday of the month, at the Carman United Methodist Church on Hamburg Street in Schenectady. The Alley meeting starts at 7:00 p.m. and lasts about two hours. During the first hour, we take care of our normal business. Our second hour features a guest speaker or trainer or someone with a special talent to share with the Alley members. At all times it is hoped that our members learn something each month that will help them to be a more entertaining clown, and do it in a way that is fun.


The alley provides continuing education opportunities for all of our members and those interested in the performing art of clowing or the supporting arts. The alley has proven to be an effective network for continuing clown arts education opportunities, mutual interests and support, as well as, a source of public performance opportunities for our members. The alley is where you hear about the newest in props, costumes, makeup, balloon sculptures, routines, and other tricks of the trade. It is where you always find advice, compassion and caring. Clowns do care for one another. It’s the organization that is called on by the many not-for-profit community organizations who desire to bring forth clown arts entertainment during their events. By being an Electric City Clown, you are given many opportunities to perform that you might not otherwise get.


What don't we do? We parade. We perform and entertain at nursing homes, hospitals, community events, senior centers, libraries, health centers and the like. We support and participate in fund raising events for non-profits like the annual Make A Wish Angel Kickoff, the Center For The Disabled, Children's Miracle Telethon, Karing For Kids, the AIDS Program and many more. Some annual events are fund raising events for the Alley, like the NYRA Open House and the Mardi Gras gathering at Proctor's. We have sponsored and taught both an adult clown school classes and a junior clown school classes. Each year during International Clown Week we get our members out in in front of the public for community fund raising and entertaining. We try to encourage all the clowns in the area to participate in at least a few of these events. That's where we get our strength.


Many of our members have stepped out there on the regional and international stage to strut their stuff and "compete" with and against the best clowns in the world. They have brought home some impressive awards. Clowns can compete in the areas of makeup, paradability, balloon sculpture, individual skit, group skit and face painting. These competitions are usually held whenever there is a clown convention. There are regional competitions and there are the international competitions at the annual COAI, WCA and ISCA conventions. It's a lot of hard work, even more fun and the best part is that you learn more than any book or course could teach you. Since we were organized in 1994, ECCA members have brought home awards at both the regional level and the prestigious international level. Give them a hand!!


Cub Scout Winter Festival, CP Telethon, January Jamboree, Caring Clowns, Mardi Gras at Proctor‘s, the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Albany, the Chocolate Festival, the COAI International Convention, Rotterdam Memorial Day Parade, Duanesburg Memorial Day Parade, Crop Walk, Schenectady Solstice Parade, Flag Day Parade, Turning Point Parade, Komedy Kid Show Klinic, Cancer Relay For Life, Tuesday In The Park, Hallmark Nursing Home Vaudeville Shows, the 1999 Northeast Clown Convention in Albany, 2002 COAI Convention in Saratoga Springs, NYRA Open House and Family Fun Days at the Saratoga Race Course, SCCC Clown College, Halfmoon Day Parade, Altamont Apple Festival, Columbus Day Parade, Schenectady Christmas Parade, Capital Region Clown Arts Festival, International Kids Day, the Fuddi-Duddy Institute and the Make A Wish Adopt An Angel Kickoff are just a few of the events that we have supported and appeared at over the years.

Yes!!  Chances are pretty good that if you reside in or visit the Capital Region of New York, you have seen a member of the Electric City Clown Alley out in public strutting his or her stuff!