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The Electric City Clowns

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July 1, 2010

Red Nose Response Elects A New President

Paul “Fuddi-Duddy” Kleinberger, of Loudonville, NY, one of the founding members of the clown arts based response charity in 2005, assumed the presidency of Red Nose Response on July 1. Paul has served RNR most recently as an Advisor, in the past as Treasurer, and Vice President. As President, Paul says his first priority will be to complete the transition from start up non profit to a more mature corporate member in the world of charity/response groups. “The RNR responder corps has grown by leaps and bounds since its founding almost five years ago. More than 750 clowns from all around the world have signed on to help out. RNR has a unique mission to send ‘smiles to the rescue’ in times of catastrophe. We need to make sure that our responders have the training they need, the agency support they desire and that our organization has the foundation needed to carry on its work over the next several years.” Paul, a.k.a. “Fuddi-Duddy”, is well known in the clown community for his ability to get a snicker, a giggle and a laugh while entertaining as well as his capability to present a class and/or workshop on a variety of clown arts subjects. Paul is a past president (2006-2008) of Clowns of America International, former chairman of the Northeast Clown Council (1996 - 2000) and continues to be an active member of several groups and alleys. When he is not out clowning around, Paul manages Smiles Unlimited LLC in Loudonville, New York. Smiles is an award winning family entertainment and celebration enterprise. Founded in 2000 by Paul and Miriam Kleinberger, it’s based on the comic stylings of Fuddi-Duddy the clown, The Fantastical Mr. Fuddi and Dr. Jest Kidding all of whom have been clowning around in the Capital Region since the mid 1990’s. Smiles Unlimited has been recognized often by the business community, honored for its various successes, as well as its continual support of the Capital Region‘s many charitable endeavors.

June 24, 2010


Schenectady, NY...On June 23, the Electric City Clowns, Alley #285, gathered to elect officers and present awards.
The following clowns will be leading the Alley for the next year:  Marie "Mischief" Beck, President; Linda "Zippy" Seaman, Vice President; Debbie "Jazzy" Harper, Secretary; Tom "Mac N Tosh" Person, Treasurer; and, Elaine "Val N Tine" Person, Sgt At Arms.
The Electric City Clown Alley presents the following awards:
The Clown Of The Year Award is presented to the alley member the general membership and the awards committee feels truly exemplifies, in both attitude and behavior, the spirit and ideals of clowning.  The recipient is an inspirational leader within the alley as well as in the clown arts community at large. 
The Founders Award, fondly referred to as the Hart Award, in honor of our founder, Bill “SNAPPY“ Hart, is presented to a member who truly clowns from his or her heart and inspire us all to do the same. 
The Enthusiasm Award given from time to time to recognize those among us who display a certain infections enthusiasm for the clown arts and the clown community at large while making things happen within the alley. 
The Memorial Award  is presented to our newer members who have demonstrated significant improvement over the last year. 
Our hearty congratulations are offered to:
Marie Beck, Maria Seebacher, Richard Reynolds and Stephanie Swald!
Marie was presented the Clown of the Year Award.  Maria was presented the Founders Award.  Richard was presented the Enthusiasm Award.  Stephanie was presented the Memorial Award. 

March 30, 2010

Snappy Earns Excellence Award!

Schenectady, New York…Bill Hart of Schenectady, New York, who has been performing around the Capital Region and beyond as “Snappy The Clown” for over twenty years, has been designated a 2010 Excellence In Clowning Award recipient by Clowns of America International (COAI). He will be presented his award in Houston, Texas at the COAI Annual Awards Banquet the evening of April 24. Excellence In Clowning is an award that considers the accomplishments of a clown’s career, his or her service to the clown community and volunteer endeavors in the community at large. Bill, who is a customer service supervisor at Southwest Airlines, performed for a number of years as a full time clown after service in the Army and as a nurse for General Electric. He is one of the founding members of Clowns On Rounds, a group who puts humor therapists in area hospitals appearing as pretending physicians and nonsensical nurses. Bill also founded the Electric City Clown Alley, a group of over 60 local clowns who recently celebrated 15 years of humorous service to the Capital Region. Under Bill’s tutelage they have won numerous awards and accolades to include the CHARLIE Award (four times!). Bill is a multi award winner in regional and international make up and clown performance competition categories. He taught the art of clowning at Schenectady County Community College for many years. He has served as a COAI Regional Vice President and currently serves COAI as an International Ambassador, representing the COAI membership to several European countries.

August 7, 2009...Albany, NY

And The Award Goes To…! Each year the Capital Region Clown Arts Festival recognizes and celebrates area clowns for their accomplishments in and contributions to the clown arts community. The 2009 awards were announced during International Clown Week.

The 2009 Entertainer Of The Year is George “Muddpuddle” Mudd. George is one of the most enthusiastic clowns in the north country. “Muddpuddle“, the long time boss clown of the NORCO Clowns, is a true ambassador of the clown arts on all fronts and can often been seen performing in parades and festivals all over upstate New York and even in Canada! He is a great clown arts entertainer and an inspiration to us all.

Seven Life Time Achievement Awards were presented and the honorees are Marie “Mischief” Beck, Loretta “La*Dee*Dah” DeAngelus, Bill “Snappy” Hart, Miriam “Senorita Soto” Kleinberger of the Electric City Clowns, Nancy “Rowdy” Rosekrans of the Happy Valley Clowns; William “Woody“ Ogren of the Capital District Clowns and Roy “Herbie” Sandberg of the NORCO Clowns. Not another word needs to be spoken!!

The Clown Arts Achievement Award was presented to Barbara “Sparky“ Bird and Bill “Happy“ Okesson. Sparky is an award winning clown who continually strives for and attains excellence in her performance. She is the Vice President of Red Nose Response. Happy responds to each and every call for clowns that comes his way. He is an old fashioned smile maker like no other smile maker. Happy is the President of the Capital District Clowns. Each honoree has unique achievements in the clown arts and each is worthy of this recognition.

The Make Sure They Know About It Award was presented to Patty “PattyCake” Knee, editor of the Electric City Clown Alley’s Red Nose News. The time and effort that she puts in to the newsletter is worthy of an honor and this special recognition is how we chose to do it!

The Clown Community Spirit Award was presented to the Battenkill Joeys, Alexus and Dylan Kleinberger. The Battenkill Joeys share a unique soul. Our tribute honors them for being the clowns that they are. Alexus and Dylan have involved themselves in the clown arts since they were youngsters. Performing with their Grandpa, participating in Clown Week events, supporting Camp Sundown, attending and earning Diplomas from Klown Kollege, they are two young people who give of themselves freely and go above and beyond whenever they are clowning around. They share a unique spirit and are inspirational to each and every clown they meet.

Our congratulations to the recipients. The Capital Region and up-state New York has a large clown community that celebrates the many traditions of the art form. It’s our pleasure to associated with them and be able to recognize a few of them each year.

July 20, 2009...Loudonville, New York 

A Changing of The Guard  At its July 20th annual meeting, Elaine “Val N Tine” Person, Deborah “Jazzy” Harper and Tom “Mac N Tosh” Person were elected President, Secretary and Treasurer, respectively, of the Electric City Clowns, Incorporated. Founded in 2000, the Electric City Clowns, Inc is the non-profit corporation founded by the Electric City Clown Alley and chartered by New York’s Secretary of State to promote clown arts education and serve, as well as advance, clowning interests in upstate New York. Congratulations to the new officers as they pick up the leadership mantle. Sincere gratitude and thanks were extended to Barbara Bird, Peter Glenck and Miriam Kleinberger for their many years of service to “the ink”!

June 25, 2009...Schnectady, New York 

Electric City Clowns Honored! 

On Tuesday evening, June 24, 2009, the Electric City Clown Alley gathered to honor some of their own.  Several awards and recognition were bestowed upon area clowns who bring smiles, love and laughter to the communities of the Capital Region.
The Clown Of The Year Award is presented to the alley member the general membership feels truly exemplifies, in both attitude and behavior, the spirit and ideals of clowning.  The honoree is an inspirational leader within the alley as well as in the clown arts community at large.  The ECCA 2009 Clown Of The Year is Linda "Zippy" Seaman.
The Founders Award, fondly referred to as the "Hart Award", in honor of Electric City Clowns founder, Bill “SNAPPY“ Hart, is presented to those clowns who truly clown from their hearts and inspire all clowns to do the same.  The 2009 designees are Debbie "Jazzy" Harper and Judy "Scottie" Lees. It's the third time "Jazzy" has been so honored.  It's the first time for "Scottie".

The Enthusiasm Award is given from time to time to recognize those clowns who display a certain infections enthusiasm for the clown arts and the clown community at large while creating smiles and spreading laughter in the region.  This year's award winners include Bill "Happy" Okesson, Carol Van Camp and Joseph Van Camp.

The alley's Memorial Award remembers those alley members who have gone on to their heavenly reward after creating smiles here on earth.  The award is presented to newer alley members who have displayed significant improvement in the clown arts over the last year.  This year the Electric City Clowns recognized Maria "Goofball" Seebacher , Kathy "Kismet" LeBeau and Joseph Van Camp with its Memorial Award.

Several members of the alley's caring clown troupe were recognized for their contributions to the troupe over the past year.

Congratulations to one and all!

May 27, 2009  Schenectady, NY

Electric City Clowns Elect Officers  The Electric City Clowns, Alley #285, of Schenectady have begun the celebration of their 15th Anniversary by electing Elaine "Val N Tine" Person as President, Linda "Zippy" Seaman Vice President, Debbie "Jazzy" Harper, Tom Mac N Tosh Person Treasurer, and Megan "Kidd-O" Torre Sgt At Arms. After the elections, the alley hosted Joe Barney of Bridgeport, CT, the ringmaster of Center Ring Productions who presented a workshop called "Reinventing Yourself".  Guests to be featured during the 15th Anniversary Celebration include Bob Gretton, COAI 2009 Clown of The Year, Teresa Gretton, COAI Secretary, the clowns of Red Nose Response, Dr. Molar Magic, Phinias The Clown, and Time Magazine's Favorite Clown Bello Nock.  Founded in Schenectady, New York fifteen years ago, The Electric City Clowns is troupe of sixty plus performing clowns and clowning enthusiasts who provide smirks, smiles, giggles and laughter to the communities of upstate New York. They are often seen sharing laughter at all sorts of community events and charity fundraisers. Affiliated with Clowns of America International, the membership roles of the Electric City Clowns include four international clowns of the year, three Excellence in Clowning designees, one international officer, and the officers of several other regional and local clown arts groups.  The alley has won the coveted CHARLIE Award four times since its formation, most recently in 2004.  
April 26, 2009, Clarksville, Indiana (just outside of Louisville, KY) 

"Smirks, smiles, giggles, laughter, comical antics, hilarious performances and humor comprise an international language that connects all of us," says Tom King, President of COAI - Clowns of America International. Hundreds of clowns and clowning enthusiasts from the world over will convened in Clarksville, Indiana, just out side of Louisville, Kentucky April 21-26, 2009 for the 24th COAI Convention, "Run For The Noses". The convention was hosted by the InKy Clowns, Inc, COAI Alley #361.

A small contingent of clowns from our area attended. From all reports they were quite competitive and had lots of fun. Anita Kyratzis, Yaa Yaa of the Electric City Clowns garnered Top Ten honors, 8th place, in the Senior Category of make up and costuming. She placed Top Ten with a 4th place in the Cheek Art Category in the Face painting competition and Top Ten with a 9th place in the Single Skit performance competition. Barbara “Sparky” Bird of Clifton Park, teamed up with her grandkids, Ben and Victoria Lincourt, to earn a Top Ten, 4th place in Group Skit performance while Yaa Yaa earned another Top Ten with a 9th place performing with her freind Betty Callucci. To finish things out, Yaa Yaa earned a Top Ten in Paradability scoring a 10th place in single public performance.  Congratulations to both!

Local Clown Earns International Excellence Recognition

March 7, 2009 Miriam S. Kleinberger of Loudonville, New York, who is known in her local clown community as “Senorita Soto”, has been named an Excellence In Clowning Award Winner by Clowns of America International (COAI). COAI is a 5000+ member international performing arts membership organization with members in 18 countries around the world. Miriam is a retired clown performer who during her clowning career devoted much effort to family entertainment, community service, caring clowning and humor therapy. She developed many training programs for local clowns. Miriam is the founder of the Capital Region Clown Arts Festival and most recently hosted a program called “Make Me Laugh Clown“, a clown arts skill enhancement effort. She’s a life member of the Electric City Clowns and serves on the Board of Directors of Clowns On Rounds, Inc. When she is not making smiles or generating laughter, she is past president of the Albany Pulmonary Hypertension Support Group, is a member of the Red Hat Society, enjoys crafting and spending time with her children and grandchildren.

“’Excellence In Clowning’ is an award granted by our organization‘, said COAI President Tom King recently, ‘to recognize excellence and highlight personal, as well as professional achievement within the clown arts. While retired form active performing, Miriam is an exemplary clown who continues to be an inspiration to our membership. She will be honored at our convention in Clarksville, IN this April.”

Senorita Soto To Be Honored

November 4, Loudonville, NY...Miriam Kleinberger, who the local clown community knows as "Senorita Soto", has been notified by the Director of Membership of Clowns of America International, that she has been designated an Excellence In Clowning winner.  The award will be made at the next annual convention of COAI which is slated for April of 2009 in Clarksville, IN.  While Miriam was forced to curtail her clowning activities due to ill health in the late '90s, she has remained active in the clown arts, developing education programs and helping many new clowns in the area get a leg up on the art form.  When not clowning around, Miriam is a member of the Capital Region Pulmonary Hypertension Support Group.  She's an active crafter, Mom and Grandmother.

International Clown Week Festivities Announced

July 28, Albany, NY...On October 8, 1970, Public Law 91-443 under the 91st Congress, JJR 26 was passed by both the House and Senate. It was sent to President Richard Nixon for his signature. The joint resolution was signed into law by President Nixon on August 2, 1971. The world has been celebrating clowns ever since.  It's the law!  August 1 - 7, 2008 is International Clown Week. The Capital Region's Electric City Clowns are getting an early start this year. On Monday evening, July 28, the Schenectady City Council will honor the clowns and all they do in the city with a proclamation. On July 29, the clowns will enjoy a similar honor at the Niskayuna Council Chambers. On August 1, the clowns will be hosted by Mayor Scott Johnson at City Hall in Saratoga Springs. On Saturday, August 2, from 11 AM to 2 PM, the Electric City Clowns will be appearing in Colonie Center for a program called "Make Me Laugh Clown!". That afternoon they have been invited to entertain the clients of St. Margaret's Center in Albany during St. Margaret’s Center annual picnic. On Sunday, August 3, the clowns will be joining the NORCO Clowns of Troy’s Oriental Shrine for an appearance in the Turning Point Parade, Schuylerville. On August 4, the clowns will be meeting with Colonie Supervisor Paula Mahan at the Town of Colonie offices. Later in the evening they will be "hopping" cars at Carries Drive In in Amsterdam. August 5 is National Night Out. The Electric City Clowns will be riding with City of Albany police officers, visiting many of the celebration sites in Albany. On August 6 the clowns will be visiting libraries and children's programs through out the Capital Region and the Sisters of St. Joseph in Latham. The clowns will be finalizing the week by visiting the City of Cohoes at the invitation of Mayor John McDonald. For more information, you are invited to contact the President of the Electric City Clowns Richard "SMOOTHEE" Reynolds at 356-2043.

 The Electric City Clowns Entertain Thousands

July 20, Saratoga Springs, NY...The 140th annual season of the Saratoga Race Course was celebrated on Sunday, July 20 with an Open House at the track in Saratoga Springs, New York.  Sponsored by the New York Racing Authority, the Electric City Clowns were this year's featured family entertainers.  Smirks, smiles, giggles and belly laughs were the order of the day as the clowns painted faces, entertained with bubbles and walked the grounds meeting, greeting and clowning around for the almost 18,000 track patrons who came out to see them.  The Electric City Clowns have been part of the annual Open House celebration for the past 15 years.  They not only entertained, they helped raise money for several charities in the area. 

 2008 Clown Of The Year Announced

June 25, 2008  Schenectady, New York...The Electric City Clowns gathered to honor thier 2008 Clown Of The Year.  Clowns of America International President Paul "Fuddi-Duddy" Kleinberger presented the award to Saratoga Springs's own Theresa Stevens.  Theresa, who has been performing and teaching the clown arts in upstate New York for over 30 years is a past president of the 65+ member clown alley.  She performs as "Here" and "IdaNo".

Other clowns honored included Anna "Violet" Barbagallo of Cohoes and Bill "Happy" Okesson of Albany who were each presented the Founder's Award.  The award recognizes inspirational efforts in the clown alley and the local community.  The Memorial-Rememberance Award which recognizes a newer clown's efforts to improve performance, was presented to Julie "Miss Raggedy" Sisario of Latham.  The alley's Enthusiasm Award was presented to Maria "Goofball" Seebacher of Delmar.  Marie "Mischief" Beck of Schenectady taught a class of new class of clowns at Hudson Valley Community College.  She and her class were also recogninzed for their enthusiasm for the art form.  Several members of the alley's caring clown troupe were also recognized and applauded for thier continuing efforts to include Sunshine, Mulligan, Val N Tine, PurCee and Cupcake.

The Electric City Clown Alley is a troupe of 65+ performing clowns from all around New York's Capital Region. The clowns are often seen at public events, in schools, in area long term care facilities, in parades and at public and private celebrations across the Tech Valley.  Affiliated with Clowns of America International, the alley has on its rolls four members who have been honored as International Clown of the Year, the officers of several local, regional and international clowning efforts and has been honored with the CHARLIE Award an unprecedented four times, most recently in 2004.

Electric City Clown Continues His Executive Ways

June 21, 2008 Albany, NY…Clowns of America International (COAI), Richyville, Pennsylvania recently announced that Electric City's Paul “Fuddi-Duddy" Kleinberger has been appointed the COAI’s Director-At-Large, effective July 1, 2008. As COAI's Director-At-Large, Fuddi-Duddy will advise the executive board of the nearly 5000 member organization of performing clowns in eighteen countries on non profit operations and administration, as well as clown community concerns. Additionally Paul will have the opportunity to chair several special projects and serve as an elder statesman of the organization.

Paul has been a performing clown since the mid 1990’s, has served COAI in a number of capacities over the years, most recently as President. Paul resides in Loudonville with his wife Miriam where he manages Smiles Unlimited, a family entertainment enterprise that features the traditional clown arts. He has been an active member of the Electric City Clowns for many years.  He is often seen around the region performing at birthday parties, anniversarys, picnics and many fundraisers. 

Electric City Clowns Elect Officers

May 28, 2008, Schenectary, NY...The following local clowns were elected by the membership of the Electric City Clown Alley to serve for the next 12 months:

President                     Richard "Smoothee" Reynolds

Vice-President            Elaine "Val N Tine" Person

Secretary                     Debbie "Jazzy" Harper

Treasurer                     Tom "Mac N Tosh" Person

Sergeant At Arms        Linda "Zippy" Seaman

The Electric City Clown Alley is a troupe of 64+ performing clowns from all around New York's Capital Region.  The clowns are often seen at public events, in schools, in area long term care facilities, in parades and at public and private celebrations across the Tech Valley.  Affiliated with Clowns of America International, the alley has on its rolls four members who have been honored as International Clown of the Year, the officers of several local, regional and international clowning efforts and has been honored with the CHARLIE Award an unprecedented four times, most recently in 2004.
The Electric City Clowns Honors Cover Members 
January 23, 2008, Rotterdam, NY...While most members of the Electric City Clowns Clown appeared on the cover of The New Calliope in the fall of 2001 promoting the 2002 COAI convention and one alley member of note has appeared on the back cover of the Calliope a half dozen times or so over her clowning career, several members and friends have appeared on the New Calliope cover individually.  President Richard "Smoothee" Reynolds thought it would be a neat idea to present these cover clowns as a panel and have each one share some of their career highlights, thoughts and performance tips.  On the evening of January 23, in Rotterdam, New York, the alley gathered and the cover clowns were seated.  They included Marie "Mischief" Beck, 1999 COAI Clown of The Year, Loretta "Dr. Gigglebritches" De Angelus, 2000 COAI Clown of The Year, Bill "Snappy" Hart, 2001 COAI Clown of The Year, Nancy "Rowdy" Rosekrans, a frequent alley guest, 2002 COAI Clown of The Year, Cathy "TOTS" Mackey, COAI 2005 Clown of The Year, Miriam "Senorita Soto" Kleinberger, 2006 COAI Auction Cover Honoree and Paul "Fuddi-Duddy" Kleinberger, 2006 - 2008 COAI President. 
In true fashion, Dr. Gigglebritches was at a fundraiser and couldn't take her seat.  TOTS was in Las Vegas at an educational event.  While Rowdy discussed prop and puppet making, Mischief presented party entertaining ideas, Snappy demonstrated hat manipulation techniques and Senorita Soto shared face painting hints, Fuddi-Duddy expanded on recognition and the need for more members to nominate fellow members for their achievements and accomplishments so they can be a source of inspiration or a spark for collaboration to propagate the art of clowning.  It was a unique evening of fun, laughs, photos, autographs and fellowship.
The Electric City Clown Alley is a troupe of 55+ performing clowns from all around New York's Capital Region.  The clowns are often seen at public events, in schools, in area long term care facilities, in parades and at public and private celebrations across the Tech Valley.  Affiliated with Clowns of America International, the alley has on its rolls four members who have been honored as International Clown of the Year, the officers of several local, regional and international clowning efforts and has been honored with the CHARLIE Award an unprecedented four times, most recently in 2004.

Final Book Drive Report 

November 1, 2007  Albany, NY  Hey, what happened with the book drive we participated in last spring? As almost everyone knows, Hurricanes Katrina and Rita destroyed or severely damaged the libraries of over 200 elementary schools throughout the Gulf Coast during their 2005 rampages. In the spring of 2006, as COAI conducted its convention in New Orleans, over 1500 books were donated the Bethune Elementary School with ECCA member "Yaa Yaa" leading the way. During the summer of 2006, most of those books were dumped by EPA officials. COAI, under the leadership of President Paul "Fuddi-Duddy" Kleinberger, an ECCA member, kicked off another effort to try to refurbish the school’s library. From February to July, 2007, clowns from around the Capital Region area, in conjunction with community service groups and fraternity members started collecting new and nearly new books fit for elementary school kids. The Fuddi-Duddy Institute, the Electric City Clowns and the Capital Region Clown Arts Festival collected, consolidated, sorted, packed and shipped the donated books. Due to continuing interest in the effort, community involvement, donations and participation, the book drive, which we expected to conclude at the end of March, was extended to July 15. Over 800 books were collected and sent to New Orleans. Another 475 books were donated to the Schenectady County Public Library and Waterford Town Library to support their various summer reading programs. All in all, it was a very successful effort that surpassed any and all expectations. The effort was recently highlighted in the Loudonville Spotlight.

More People Creating Laughter!
August 2, 2007  Albany, New York  The Fuddi-Duddy Institute, COAI Alley #369, an educational endeavor dedicated to the advancement of the clown arts, announces the graduation of four aspiring clown artists from its summer training program.  Tracy Crandall of Valatie, Mary De Voe of Albany, William Okesson of Albany and Nancy Reynolds of Ballston Lake, New York have completed an intensive introductory clown arts training program, have met and performed for their public and been confirmed as First of Mays with the following clown names: "Fee Fee", "Moxie", "Happy" and "Gigglefritz" respectively reports Miriam "Senorita Soto" Kleinberger, who serves as the Institute's Dean of Instruction.  The program, taught by Paul "Fuddi-Duddy" Kleinberger, President of Clowns of America International and Barbara "Sparky" Bird, Director of Communications for Red Nose Response, both are members of the Electric City Clowns, included extensive training in make up application, costume selection, character development, and public performance skill development.  The program was supplemented with class sessions on history, traditions, ethics, entertainment business, balloon twisting and face painting.  The graduates are all members of Clowns of America International and The Electric City Clowns. 

It's International Clown Week

July 26, 2007     Schenectady, NY     President Richard Nixon declared and proclaimed August 1 - 7 of each year as National Clown Week.  Since that preidential proclamation in 1971, clowns across the Unitied States, then North America and then around the world join together to have some fun and help their audiences understand the clown arts.  The Electric City Clowns have annouced the following events: 

Aug 1 Wear Your Clown Shoes To Work!

Aug 1 Proclamation Acceptance, 2:00 PM, Colonie Supervisor

Aug 2 Proclamation Acceptance, 2:30 PM, Mayor of Cohoes

Aug 2 Graduation of Summer Clown Class, Sears University, Colonie Center, 7 PM

Aug 3 “I Hope I Don’t Stink” presented by Fuddi-Duddy, 7 PM, Sears University, Colonie Center

Aug 4 Matilda Memorial Service, 1:00 PM, Faith United Methodist Church, 811 Brandywine, Schenectady

Aug 5 Turning Point Parade, Schuylerville, 1:00 PM

Aug 6 Proclamation Acceptance, 2:00 PM, Mayor of Waterford

Aug 6 Balloon Basics…That’s It! At Sears University with Fuddi-Duddy 6 PM till 9 PM

Aug 6 Proclamation Acceptance, 7:00 PM, Clifton Park Council

Aug 7 ICW Celebration at Colonie Center 2 - 4 PM Balloon twisters, face painters and walk a rounders for your entertainment!  Bring the kids!!

Aug 7 Proclamation Acceptance, 7:00 PM, Halfmoon Council

Aug 7 Proclamation Acceptance, 7:00 PM, Niskayuna Council

Aug 7 National Nite Out, Clowns Ride with Albany Police Units

Aug 8 Proclamation Acceptance, 7:00 PM, Rotterdam Council

A Local Clown Passes...July 15, 2007  Schenectady, NY  Grace "Matilda" (Hughes) Adler made her last walk-around on July 14 surrounded by family members and clown friends. She was a member of the Electric City Clown Alley and the inspirational leader of the ECCA Caring Clowns for several years. Matilda had a true zest for life. She discovered the art of clowning as a senior and immediately gravitated to the Caring Clowns. Despite her advancing age and some physical limitations, she coordinated the performances of the Caring Clowns. Matilda was an inspiration to both the clowns she performed with and the seniors she often performed for. Many times, when performing at a nursing home or senior facility, she was the oldest person in the room. She was notorious for coaxing residents who haven't been out of their wheel chairs in months to get up, dance, sing and interact with her. She was one high energy clown. Matilda was very active in the Electric City Clown Alley while she was able, participating in public events and fundraisers, assisting with the planning of a regional and an international convention, as well as competing as her heart lead her. She had a great sense of fun, loved to laugh and remained very independent to the end.

Matilda will be missed.

Electric City Clowns Honor Their Own!

June 27, 2007  Schenectady, NY  The Electric City Clowns of Schenectady, New York, COAI Alley #285, proudly announce the award of the following honors presented at last night's alley meeting:
Clown of the Year is awarded to the alley member who has done the most for the alley, the local clown community, as well as the community at large and is the member who sets the example for all to emulate.
The Founder's Award, also called the Hart Award, in honor of former COAI Clown of The Year Bill Hart, who founded the Electric City Clown Alley, is awarded to those members who have shown us all how to clown from the heart by their deeds, actions and community involvement.
The Memorial Award recognizes Electric City's newer members who have demonstrated significant improvement in the clown arts.
The Enthusiasm Award is presented to those alley members who display an infectious enthusiasm for the art of clowning and everything the alley does. 

 Please extend your congratulations to all these clowns!  And, our thanks to the Awards Committee for their effort on the alley's behalf.

Local Clown Artist Earns International Recognition!

January 25, 2007 Albany, New York      She’s “HERE”, and, she’s “IDA NO”! She’s Theresa Stevens, of Saratoga Springs, a long time clown, clown arts instructor and leader in the local clowning community.

Theresa began her clowning career in 1981 at the age of 51 and her first “gig”, just a few weeks after completing clown school, was to teach residents at the nursing home where her mother resided, to be clowns. She taught them how to apply makeup, performance skills and even how to produce a show. Teresa got the nursing home staff involved making costumes and props, as well. Her first class consisted of three aspiring clowns. Two of the three used canes to get around, but they tossed the canes aside to march in a parade blowing horns and entertaining the crowds. Unknown to Theresa one of the class was terminally ill, but had always wanted to be a clown. He was admitted to the hospital soon after “graduation” from her class. He died shortly there after, a happy man that his dream had been fulfilled. And so began Theresa’s 25 year clowning career, many of those spent teaching seniors and nursing home residents the joy of clowning.

Now 76, Theresa has been nominated by Schenectady’s Electric City Clown Alley for the most esteemed award Clowns of America International grants: The Clown Of The Year. “The Clown of The Year” is the most prestigious award granted by our organization, said COAI President Paul Kleinberger, of Loudonville, recently. It’s purpose is to recognize excellence and highlight personal, as well as professional achievement within the clown arts. Theresa is an exemplary clown who is an inspiration to our membership and the community of clowns around the world. It’s great to receive her nomination!

An avid skit performer, Theresa has been awarded the Founder’s Award of the Electric City Clowns and also earned the Northeast’s Shorty Award in 2000. Not all clowns work in the circus. This one works and performs throughout the Capital region.

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